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privacy policy

JTN Infotech believes that preserving your Privacy is the Key to ensuring the best standards of principles for us (“JTN Infotech”, “us”, “our” or “we”).

This Privacy Policy relates to all those who visit the websites owned by JTN Infotech and use our services of any form, despite of how the website was accessed, whether by computers, mobile devices, tablets etc.

We want you to know and understand HOW and WHAT JTN Infotech gathers, utilizes, and protects the personal information you provide in correspondence with the services we offer to the user in relation to our Terms of Use:


1. HOW: We offer services using web-based online tools/software in addition to telephonic support to the users. To provide the Services, we may require or otherwise collect definite information and permissions from you that identifies you as a specific individual and can be used to contact or identify you.


2. WHAT: You may surf our website without delivering any personal information. However, if you plan to purchase or subscribe for our services, you may be required to enroll or otherwise voluntarily impart personal information to have access to our Services, which allows us to contact you: your contact information that identifies you such as First and Last name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Billing address etc. JTN Infotech may use permitted third party payment processing gateways. The transactions are processed and confirmed by the respective processors on our behalf. JTN Infotech will never store any card details, neither will share any details with other third parties. In addition, we will not make any charges without your authorization.

3.  SECURITY: JTN Infotech executes a wide range of safety measures and security methods, as well as executive safeguards, to protect any data comprising personal information that we gather from you.

 4. MODIFICATION: JTN Infotech reserves the right to alter/revise the Privacy Policy, and the JTN Infotech website at any time. This can be executed primarily by publishing the amended version of the Privacy Policy on the JTN Infotech website. Please go through the JTN Infotech website for any revisions/amendments to the Privacy Policy.

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