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Terms of use

We thank you for visiting our website, we hope you like the experience!

Welcome to our terms and conditions (“TERMS OF USE”) which confirm significant requirements concerning your use of JTN Infotech website and our services along with your relationship with us. You should study them carefully as they enclose vital information and instructions concerning your and our legal rights. Your access to the website and services is conditioned on your approval to and compliance with these Terms.


“Agreement” is illustrated as the legal contract between the Client and the Company and is ruled by the Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions, along with each accepted order in any subscribed category by you, any prior affirmed additional terms and the privacy policy, express the complete agreement between you and JTN Infotech.

The Service Order will form the part of the “Agreement”, provided the same has been accepted by JTN Infotech in writing or by e-mail. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to be entitled to use any of the JTN Infotech Services (defined below).


The definition in general states particular “terms” exemplified in the Terms and Conditions are also used in the Privacy Policy and are included by reference for understandable comprehension of our services.



Software, Information, Material, Services and other related information are collectively  known as “Content.”



“You” states you individually by yourself, or comprising any employer that you are acting on behalf of.

“JTN Infotech, US, WE, OUR”

JTN Infotech implies JTN Infotech and/or any of its associates, wherever applicable.



“Services” imply to any JTN Infotech services provided under the category that you subscribe with JTN Infotech through use of the JTN Infotech Website  or by emailing at  the JTN Infotech official email indicated on the JTN Infotech Website. These Terms of Use administer all services offered through the JTN Infotech Website.


“Materials” imply to any online information that is refined and included into a finished effort, comprising webcasts, downloaded matter, Q&A, service information, reference sheets, or work of any kind that is made open to download from the JTN Infotech Website is the copyrighted work of JTN Infotech. However, “Materials” does not integrate the design of JTN Infotech website.


“Software” implies any type of computer program, whether owned by JTN Infotech or a third party, whether obtainable by online download, or any other digital storage media. Essentials of the Software are protected under copyright and other acts and laws. Software comprises the ones advanced, encouraged, or contributed by any third party. The use of Software is subject to the valid agreements such as license/user agreements that are incorporated with the Software and other applicable License Terms.


1.1 Service Overview

(a) Introduction

JTN Infotech shall offer the Services as laid down in the Terms and Conditions through a live chat session on your personal computer, tablet devices, remotely over the internet, by e-mail or in person. To acquire our Services:

1)    You must contact us on our website and use the chat portal to look for the services that you require and your budget.

2)    Chat Portal connects you with the Customer Care Executive, take your time and tell us all about the Service you are looking for.

3)    Further on, The Assigned Expert connects with you to understand your requirements so as to complete the job to your satisfaction.

4)    To confirm the Expert, you make a non-refundable 50% Partial deposit through a secured payment page.

5)    The Expert dedicates entirely on your project, with option for you to connect with the expert anytime you want and  complete the job to your satisfaction.


JTN Infotech determinedly ventures to enhance the use and performance of its services. In order to enhance the Services, JTN Infotech may, at its discretion, change the attributes or descriptions of the Services from time to time; however this shall not influence the quality of any Services which JTN Infotech has already agreed to provide to You. 


(b) Services comprise

The Services provided by JTN Infotech comprise:

1.    Website Development

2.    Content Writing

3.    ITeS Services

4.    Online Tutoring

5.    Logo Designing

6.    Data Entry

7.    Many More


1.2 Commercially Reasonable Effort

JTN Infotech and its experts will put together every practical effort to provide best services that you are looking for. 


1.3 Service Accessibility

The Services may not always be available in your geographic location or time zone, and may not always be accessible due to Internet service disorder or system maintenance.



2.1 Basic Responsibilities

 You agree that your usage of the Services is solely at your own risk and discretion. By choosing to subscribe the Services, you affirm that you

Cooperate with the JTN Infotech Expert: The Experts allotted to you will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the required services to you. We believe that most services can be provided with strong cooperation between you and the expert. So we advise you to cooperate with the expert so as to complete the job within allotted time.

All information that you furnish to JTN Infotech should be true, including your name, address, and any credit/debit card numbers or any other payment information provided at the Payment Page to the Payment Processor.



3.1 Payment

Services against any subscription will be available only once you have made a 50% partial non-refundable payment that is quoted through email or as stated on the website

1.    The service fee, as well as any applicable taxes will be charged through your provided credit/debit card or Paypal account or any other payment mode, as agreed by you.

2.    You approve that JTN Infotech is under no obligation to provide Services if the required payment for services are not made.

3.    Purchases of the Services made by you from a third party Vendor will be subject to their own terms.

4.    When you pay for the Services, you agree to a particular price, where such subscription maybe for a custom duration, as per your requirement.

3.2 Billing

In order to provide any service, you may be requested to provide a credit/debit card number/Paypal account or any other payment mode that we accept. You hereby authorize JTN Infotech to charge your credit/debit card/Paypal for the Services. You accept that neither JTN Infotech nor any JTN Infotech affiliated company will have any accountability in any way for any surplus charges incurred by you as a consequence for non-sufficient funds during processing of the transaction. If you opt for automatic payment or electronic funds transfer payment, you consent that all amounts described herein may be charged to the account number given by you. When payment is made, it will be subject to the terms and conditions ascertained by the credit or debit card issuer.

3.3 Refund Policy

JTN Infotech exists to make you happy and content, and we back that up with our refund policies. Our services are delivered on an incorporated delivery platform by proficient experts.

Once the  experts  is assigned to provide services required or demanded, the fee for the Service will not be refundable. Notwithstanding this, JTN Infotech, at its discretion and on a case to case basis, may consent to a partial refund of fee after deducting charges for services already provided.

However, the services we provide may not be concluded successfully because of any troubles which are beyond our capacity /and may be owing to an irreparable concern. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the service, we will make commercially practical attempt to provide the services to your satisfaction, however the fee still stands non refundable.



The JTN Infotech Privacy Policy which is a primary part of these Terms and Conditions is detailed under Privacy Policy section. It is in your best interest to review the JTN Infotech Privacy Policy, prior to agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.



The Information, Services, Materials and Software provided on JTN Infotech website are only for your individual and non-commercial use in addressing matters covered by your service plan. JTN Infotech does not allow you the permission to copy, alter, spread, duplicate, publish, license, create imitative content from, transfer, distribute or sell any information, materials, products software, or services provided by JTN Infotech.

 The use of any Information, Services, Material and Software provided on JTN Infotech website for any function that is unlawful is forbidden, which comprises use of the above for damaging, disabling or spoiling any JTN Infotech server or any other connected networks. Any unauthorized access to JTN Infotech website, accounts, services, systems, networks etc, through hacking or any other means is forbidden.

You are not allowed to generate hyperlinks to any part of the JTN Infotech website, nor any Information or materials posted within.




6.1 Indemnification clause

The indemnity clause affirms that you consent to indemnify, preserve, and hold JTN Infotech, its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, representatives, employees , licensors, advisors, vendors, and any third-party Web site contributors harmless from and against all liabilities, claims, demands, proceedings, charges, damages etc which includes attorneys’ charges, occurring as a result of your violation of the terms of these Terms of Use, any misuse of a Service that leads to breach or infringement caused by you of your account of any right of JTN Infotech. This implies that you agree to cooperate as required in the defense of JTN Infotech for any claim. Subsequently, you consent to notify JTN Infotech of any illegal usage of your account or any breach of security known to you.


6.2 Limitation of liability clause

JTN Infotech or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, representatives, employees, licensors, advisors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, exemplary, incidental, punitive, consequential or any other damages or losses of any kind caused from the utilization of the Services, any delay to provide the Services, any issue related to the third party product/service warranty and problem caused to the devices as a result of any other third party access. In no event shall JTN Infotech liability exceed greater the price you paid for the services.


6.3 Limited service warranty

A user subscribing for a service provided by JTN Infotech does it at his own risk and JTN Infotech denies warranties of any kind stated to the same, including any warranty for a particular function, or otherwise. In any case if you are not satisfied with the services, you can permit JTN Infotech

to re-perform the services subject to dispute. JTN Infotech does not assure the services provided to be completely error-free. We also do not assure that our Services will meet all requirements of the user and that our Services will be entirely reliable to meet your expectations.

All JTN Infotech services come with a limited service warranty as offered in online documentation for those particular services, which is subject to fulfillment of the  terms and conditions in this document. JTN Infotech reserves the right to modify the services for improvement without any prior notice.

6.4 Force Majeure Clause

You hereby agree that JTN Infotech will not be responsible for any delay or disruption of Services due to any outbreak of any natural calamity (storm, flood, earthquake, or any unexpected disaster caused by fire, war, terror act, riot, or the like, which is not under our control. JTN Infotech will not be accountable for delays caused due to Internet connection issues on either side. 

7. Fraud/ Misuse Clause

You hereby agree that JTN Infotech will not be responsible for any disruption/cancellation of any kind Services like Web Designing etc when it is found that the customer is trying to avail or misuse JTN Infotech Services to indulge in any fradulent activities which may lead to any kind of loss to the users.

It is important that the customer availing any services of JTN Infotech furnishes genuine ID Documents to establish there link to the concerned service they are trying to or have availed, for instance their responsibility towards website created for them  by JTN Infotech. The ID documents may be forwarded to the concerned authorities in such an event. In the event, the customers availing any of JTN Infotech Services fail to produce ID Documents before/after availing services as required, JTN Infotech reserves the right to cancel the services with immediate effect without providing any refund for the services already taken. 



In the event that any segment or any provision of the Terms of Use are stated to be invalid or unenforceable, the entire Terms of Use agreement shall not fail but only that segment in whole or in part shall be entirely severable to the maximum extent possible, and all other conditions enclosed in the Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect. JTN Infotech failure to implement any provision of the Terms of Service shall not be deemed a waiver of such provision nor of the right to implement such provision.



JTN Infotech reserves the right to alter/revise the Terms Of Use, and the JTN Infotech website at any time. This can be executed primarily by publishing the amended version of the Terms Of Use on the JTN Infotech website. Please go through the JTN Infotech website for any revisions/amendments to the Terms Of Use.

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